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WordPress Web Care Plans

Even though we build all of our WordPress sites with current best practices, technology changes quickly. Your new or current WordPress website requires ongoing maintenance, which includes security checks, backups, website software updates and optimization. Our WordPress Web Care Plans free our customers to run their businesses.

Content Refresh

Dedicated hours to update content, posts, or events.

Software Updates

Regular updates to WordPress Core, Theme & Plugins.


We protect your website and reputation by monitoring the integrity of your site.


We take care of the troubleshooting if something goes wrong.

Additional Benefits

More than regular WordPress website maintenance, Shaw Web Designs is here to help you improve your website and support your business.

Your Advisor

We advise our clients when technologies or standards change, before they become problems.

Save Time

Spend time on your business, not on learning new technologies or performing regular maintenance and repair.

Flexible Plans

We have a WordPress Web Care Plan that matches your needs, whether you need the basics or more complex maintenance.

Monthly Reports

You’ll receive a monthly detailed report of the maintenance that we performed via email.