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Keep Your WordPress Website Up to
Current Standards

If your WordPress website is losing ranking, it’s time to think about a new design, and optimizing your website to today’s ever-changing standards for performance, SEO and basic accessibility.


Your web presence should be as professional as you and should coordinate with existing branding. Our designs include consistent overall layouts, features that function no matter what device your visitors use.

Core Web Vitals
in Mind

Your website’s performance is important to not just your visitors. We develop WordPress block-based themes that pass more than the load speed test, satisfying the technical requirements of search engines.

Search Engine Optimized

It all starts with basic SEO best practices, to rank as well or better than your competitors. Following commercially acceptable practices and monitoring changes on the horizon, we will bring your website success.

Attention to Accessibility

Making websites as inclusive to as many visitors as possible is not only ethical, but in many cases it may be needed legally for your industry. We develop websites that follow current commercially acceptable standards.

Shaw Web Designs delivers custom WordPress Full Site Editor themes, created to your specifications and personal style.

NorCal Odyssey of the Mind

NorCal Odyssey of the Mind

NorCal Odyssey of the Mind had outgrown their old WordPress website and needed a more youthful look, an upgrade to a FSE WordPress Theme and modernize all custom code to…

Menches Tool and Die Inc.

Menches Tool and Die Inc.

Menches Tool and Die Inc. needed to upgrade to a Full Site Editor WordPress Theme and modernize all custom code to current standards, while migrating over 5400 manufactured parts.

Our Process

One of the keys to our success is our one-to-one consultation and collaboration with our clients.



Let’s Talk

We will find out the general services you need, let you know what services we provide and basically get to know a bit about each other.



Rough Calculation

Based on our discussion, we will email you a rough calculation and an estimated timeline.

Project Discovery


Get the Specifics

We will schedule a Project Discovery meeting to get in-depth into the specifics of your project, so we can establish the scope, what features, and functionalities of your project.



Detail Plan

We will provide you a detail proposal with scope of work, price and timeline for completing your project.



Solid Foundation

We will meet to go over our responsibilities in order to make your project a success. We’ll go over all of the assets (logo, images, content, etc.) needed to move to the Design & Development step.

Design & Development


Some Assembly Required

We will deliver a Design Concept, which once approved will be used to build your website.

Pre-Launch Check-In


Go for Launch?

Once you have reviewed and approved the launch of your website, we will complete all of our checklists and tests to guarantee for quality and a successful launch.



Ready to Go Live

Now that everything has been approved and the final payment has been made, we will make your new website go live on your domain. Once your website is live, we will run a few more tests to assure for quality.

Web Care


Protect Your Investment

As with your phone, tablet or laptop, your website needs regular software updates and maintenance in order to stay healthy and receive new features when available.

Why choose Shaw Web Designs?


Shaw Web Designs prides itself in creating custom designs that provide your visitors with style and functionality. Through testing and quality assurance, we design WordPress websites to last and adapt for future technology.


Through our Project Discovery, we provide you with options and insight into what would work best for you and your WordPress website. With over 20 years of experience, we can guide you to a successful website.


Website technology is constantly changing and Shaw Web Designs changes with it. We are here to support your business as technology and your business evolves.

Complete Website Design and Development