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Network Security

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We cannot stress security enough and the need for Virus Protection, Firewalls and Spam Filters. We can review your current protection and if needed install, configure, update and test before any issues bring your system down.

We can install and secure a wireless network for you. Utilizing the wireless equipment we can configure security to lock down your network and computer files from intruders.

How secure is your wireless network?

We were talking about wireless services to a Hotel manager in Santa Clara. He mentioned there was no need for wireless, as their guests used the WiFi network belonging to the Beauty Salon that was located across the street. Sure enough we connected to their access point, and found the Salon’s shared files, printers and even business quotes. After leaving the hotel, we contacted the Salon about WiFi security and prompted them to lock down their system.

  • Can intruders connect to your network?
  • Are your files secure?

Security should not hold you back from deployment. With a security policy at the access point and router you can safely utilize the freedom of wireless.

Find the right combination of convenience and security: Contact SF WiFi.

Q. What is the need for Wireless Security?

A. Wireless networks send and receive data through a broadcast of RF signals into the open air. Because of the broadcast there is a greater threat of intruder access to the wireless network, wireless access point, pc’s on the WiFi network, shared PC’s, servers and finally data security.

A secure a wireless network requires protecting:

  1. Unauthorized access to the network.
  2. Data Security and privacy.

What method of wireless security are you implementing? MAC Filters, WEP, WPA, WPA2, Hide SSID, You have no idea, you don’t care, but you want your network secure!

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