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Even though we build all of our sites with a Content Management System (CMS), which give each of our customers the ability to make quick, real-time updates. Some of our clients may choice to have us update the content on their sites. Our Web Care Plans free our customers to run their businesses.


  • Have a professional Web expert at your fingertips – your Web site maintains its quality
  • Quick turnaround
  • Economical and convenient

Services Include:

  • CMS Assistance
    • Product changes and additions
    • Updates to calendar or events
    • Add breaking news or upcoming events
    • Add photos, graphics, graphs and charts
  • Software Updates
    • Regular updates to WordPress Core Updates
    • Theme & Plugin Updates
  • Security Monitoring
    • Monitor the integrity of your site , looking for possible security issues (file changes, password attacks, etc.)
  • SEO Analysis
    • Monitor for any suspicious activity (strange referrals)
    • Monthly report on the quality of referrals and search queries
    • Maintain filter for keeping stats clean by eliminating spam referrals as much as possible.

We offer pay as you go, monthly, quarterly or yearly plans.
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Migrate your static HTML web site to WordPress

Has this happen to you?

  • Updates took you six hours and you are still not done.
  • You made updates, but now you have broken links and/or layout errors and you do not know how to fix them.

WordPress can make content maintenance on your site as simple as typing a letter on a word-processor. It eliminates the possibility of damaging your site, because you only deal with the content, not the source files.

Call about our HTML to WordPress conversion packages starting at $400.