Custom Responsive WordPress Themes

Custom Responsive WordPress Themes

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WordPress CMS Advantage

Shaw Web Designs creates custom responsive WordPress themes, created to your specifications and personal style. All our responsive WordPress Themes are designed from scratch in Photoshop and a mock-up is delivered to the client for approval. WordPress based web sites benefit from the advantage of a Content Management System (CMS). Which allows the client to update, add, delete pages, without any programming skills.

Wordpress Dashboard

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, usability, and is search engine-friendly. So, how is it different from a standard website? In a standard website (.html based), a developer/designer creates a page, saves each individual page as a separate file, and uploads the content. When an item needs to be changed, it has to be changed on the individual file and re-uploaded. Changes are not a problem if you only have a few pages, but as your site grows maintenance becomes more of a challenge. At a certain point, more complex programming (scripting) is required. This programming or scripting eliminates the possibility of the average business owner to update their own site, without having advance programming skills. WordPress does things differently. Instead of storing the content in files, it stores the content in a database. The structure of the site is stored in the theme files and the content is maintained through the web based control panel or dashboard.

Why Custom WordPress Theme?

A custom responsive WordPress theme allows you to enjoy all of the benefits that WordPress has to offer and still be able to incorporate your company branding. As with traditional web design, we start from scratch working off ideas and materials from your existing logo or marketing material. From there we provide our customers with a mock-up, representing the look and feel of their new site.

Search Engine Friendly

Many older sites are created in such a way that search engines can’t find all their pages. Which means search engines like Google may only be able to find your home page and then get stuck. Our responsive WordPress themes, straight out of the box, are search engine friendly and can be further optimized depending on how they are set up?

Easy integration of interactive elements

Our responsive WordPress themes make it easy, not only to maintain your own web site and blog, but it gives you the tools to add elements like:

  • Google Maps
  • Site Search
  • Content Sliders
  • Photo Galleries
  • Slideshows
  • Event Calendar
  • eCommerce
  • Link site to your Google Analytics
  • Contact Forms
  • Social Media Links
  • Weather Station
  • Google Translation
  • and many more!